Absolutely Mad

I love a good party theme, especially one that doesn't break the bank. Well the smarty-pants over at Cookie Magazine have been busy compiling a list of kids party resources that are pretty great.

I am crazy for the Mad Scientist Party with its brain cake, Kool-aid filled beakers and Jell-O Petri Treats! But the fun extends beyond the menu to simple scientific experiments that will keep junior party-goers entertained (and maybe even teach them a thing or two!)

Not sure where to pick up a petri dish? I found a set of 20 for just $7.50 at American Science & Surplus. This place is a treasure trove of the odd and unusual. If your kiddo isn't a fan of cake perhaps you'll consider a gelatin brain created from this mold.

And the party favors! Oh the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking these capped plastic test tubes filled with Skittles or sterile specimen cups packed with gummi-worms. Or how about a bag of fossils accompanied by a magnifying glass and id chart - only $.95 each!

Adults, like me, thinking I want a party like that! - the above suggestions slightly tweaked could result in a brilliant Halloween party for grown-ups. Just replace a Cape Cod for the Kool-aid and you're on your way.