Hidden Happiness

Ever find yourself washing your hands and realize that the sink is looking back at you - with handle eyes, spigot nose and perplexed O-shaped drain mouth? Or perhaps you're daydreaming with your cup of cocoa and find it grinning back at you with marshmallow eyes and foamy smile?

You're not alone.

Join fellow searchers on the Faces in Places blog and check out the Founds Faces photo pool on Flickr (scroll down for examples from this.)

And consider adding this pursuit to your arsenal of anytime, anywhere activities to play with yours…when you're in line at the post office, driving in the car or when faced with one of those inevitable "I'm bored!" moments. Looking for faces in the objects around you can be addictive - they're everywhere!

Francois Roberts is a photographer/designer that has taken this idea and run with it, publishing the following books:

Faces, 2000;

Find a Face, 2004

Face to Face, 1997 (written with his brother Jean).

And, just released is the fantastic Happiness Print at Present & Correct - a wonderful UK based online shop. "It is always fun to spot a face somewhere random and we have picked our favorite happy faces for this print. Each object is labeled and the location is listed too. Printed by hand onto 220gsm acid free stock, and we made only 30."