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Happenings of John Marsden

The Halftime Update

We’re exactly midway through Movember, and we’ve got the whole spectrum of mos growing here. From stringy, barely-there mos to full-on, where-the-hell-did-your-face go mos. It’s also quite apparent who can carry one off, and who can’t – but we’ll let you decide which is which.

And So It Begins

Here they are folks, in all their shaven glory. The brave souls who have chosen to undertake this most treacherous of tasks.

For the next month, they will be stared at, they will be mocked and people may cross to the other side of the road when they see them, but through it all, they will persevere.

After all, to paraphrase another mustachioed hero, the course to true greatness never did run smooth.

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